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It takes a valley — to sustain a winery

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At Whitehall Lane, the farming, picking, fermenting, aging, tasting, bottling, labeling and shipping are only part of the story. We’re not just family wine makers —we’re also part of the larger wine family of Napa Valley.Continue reading this post →


Valentine’s Day Red Wines

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One way to count the progress of the year is by the months and seasons. At Whitehall Lane, being family farmers and wine merchants, we do both. Another way is to count the holidays — which means, if it’s early …Continue reading this post →


It’s a White(hall) Lane Christmas

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It’s almost December and in the spirit of giving, we’ve decided to give to the victims of Hurricane Sandy this year. From one coast to another, we recognize the hardship and the struggle they have been (and are) going through. …Continue reading this post →

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