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Stemware for the New Year

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It’s the New Year – full of fresh promises and great flavors. Start the year off with your glass half full – with Whitehall Lane wine, of course. The right wine glass is absolutely essential to your tasting experiences – it …Continue reading this post →


The Best Wine Openers: When to Invest, What Works Best

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There are pros and cons to every type of wine opener, and it can be a hassle to blindly throw money at different models without knowing what really works. Here are some of our top picks. After reading this, it …Continue reading this post →


Wine Tasting: Riedel Glassware

Posted in: Wine Accessories

When it comes to tasting wine, the glass you choose can have a much greater effect on the wine’s flavor and nuances than you might expect. Wine glasses were designed with the intention of bringing out the wine’s nose, by …Continue reading this post →

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