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Hello From The Road: Chef Larry Checks-in

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Many of you met and spent time with Chef Larry during his time at WhitehallLane Winery. After fives years at the winery, he and his wife decided to retire and move to the East Coast. As many friends and club …Continue reading this post →


10 Health Benefits Of Drinking Red Wine That Will Keep You Healthy

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Thanks to guest blogger Mark Davis for this post! Whether red wine has any prominent health benefit is still a debatable issue. However, studies have shown that consuming a moderate amount of red wine, which has an alcohol content of …Continue reading this post →


Beyond the Vine: Jason Moulton

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Located in the heart of Rutherford, sits Whitehall Lane Winery. Our winery has seven prime vineyards spread across the area, and by using modern viticulture science our vineyards grow the best grapes possible. We examine the physical properties of the …Continue reading this post →

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