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Barrel Of Fun.

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We just received our beautiful new barrels at the winery. Pictured in the front with black staves is our Winemaker, Jason Moulton’s, favorite wine barrel. It is called the Baron Culte 140 and it is one of the most superior …Continue reading this post →


Harvesting Grape Varietals

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We all enjoy wine in the bottle, but have you thought about how wine is made? Our winemaker oversees the process and selects the blocks of grapes that are picked each day through the two month harvesting season. We are …Continue reading this post →


Harvest 2013 Wrap Up

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The harvest season has come to a glorious end. Each and every block of grapes have been harvested, juiced, fermented and put into barrels so they can age into delicious wine. As the last of the juice is barrelled, it is now time to clean up the equipment and start packing it away for the season…Continue reading this post →

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