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Go Blackhawks!

Posted in: Winery

So how did Tom Sr. end up with a Blackhawks jersey with his last name on it? It’s actually an interesting story. It all started with Wirtz Beverage Group. We have a long standing relationship with them because they represent …Continue reading this post →


To Be a Cellar Rat

Posted in: Meet the team

A “cellar rat,” as they are affectionately named, is a person who works in the cellar crew at a winery. Fernando Cortez has been the head of our cellar crew for 21 years. That’s longer than the Leonardini Family has …Continue reading this post →


Interesting item found on Pinterest: Fall River Clam Chowder

Posted in: Food & Friends

Every week we log on to Pinterest and are affronted with a slew of interesting photographs. We find so many neat things; we decided to feature a different one every month here on our blog. This month, we found this …Continue reading this post →

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