21 Things you didn’t know about our Office Manager Geri Densberger

July 18th, 2012

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Geri Densberger isn’t just the Office Manager for Whitehall Lane Winery, she is the “go-to girl” for all office-related matters. Our appreciation for her and her taskmaster abilities knows no bounds. She helps out with everything from the winery and our customers, to our employees and the Leonardini family.

Geri & John (her son)

When Geri isn’t keeping this winery in order, she can be found enjoying a Giants baseball game or even eating a fajita at Chevy’s.

Read on to find out more about Geri!

Geri at work

21 Things you didn’t know about our Office Manager Geri Densberger

1. Cries when listening to the National Anthem!

2. Known around town as “Dr. Doolittle”

3. All her pets are rescue animals

4. Sings along at that top of her lungs when listening to the radio in the car, no matter who’s with her!

5. Records all her favorite TV shows, so that she can skip through the commercials

6. If you call her before 9AM on the weekends, it better be a life or death situation

7. Loves Baseball, especially the SF Giants

8. Has a green thumb

9. Loves to cook, prefers to let Joe, her husband do it

10. Chevy’s fajitas are the best ever

11. She hasn’t been to a movie theater since 1996

12. Favorite Whitehall wine –Millennium Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

13. Still trying to talk the boss into making a sparkling wine

14. Never been to Yosemite – it’s on her bucket list

15. Lake Tahoe is her favorite relaxation spot

16. President of Napa Valley Crime Stoppers

17. Serves on the Board for California Crime Stoppers

18. Named after her Dad and Mom – Geri and Lee…Call her that and watch her run!

19. Loves to hear stories of “back in the day”

20. Believes in Karma, very superstitious

21. She can eat her weight in Cheetos and Chocolate!

Geri & Joe (her husband)

Geri at the Lobster Feed